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Friday / April 16.

OnPoint’s Tom Ashbrook Leads Illuminating Discussion About Dangers of Smartphone Battery Production

Child in Congo
Child in Congo

In this April 10, 2004 file photo, a young man carries wet Cobalt on his back at the Shinkolobwe Cobalt mine, situated 35km from the town of Likasi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. (Schalk van Zuydam/AP)

Tom Ashbrook and his guests discuss cobalt, coal and graphite mining and sourcing of materials in Congo. Often times it is an extremely dangerous job which results in death, air pollution, crop poisoning and major child labor concerns.

Listen to the full episode on NPR’s OnPoint at WBUR’s website.

From OnPoint’s website:

“When it comes to smartphone batteries, most of us just want them smaller and stronger. Then Samsung’s phone batteries start bursting into flame and get our attention. Lithium batteries – like those in hover boards and electric cars. My guests today say we should pay more attention to what’s in those batteries. The dangers and human costs. In mines in Congo and villages in China. This hour On Point, we’ll look at what really went wrong at Samsung, and the hidden costs of lithium batteries.” — Tom Ashbrook