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Saturday / October 16.

SureCarbon is Making Batteries Two Times As Powerful, and That’s A Huge Deal

surecarbon supercapacitor

SureCarbon wants to use pine trees to make supercapacitors.

Loblolly pine to be exact.

Supercapacitors that allow drones to stay in the air a lot longer. Theoretically, drone manufacturers will be able to then develop drones that can fly higher and longer.

Its called SuperAnode 700. And its a supercapacitor for the anode side of the capacitors used in the production of lithium-ion batteries.

Standard lithium-ion batteries use graphite to store electrical charge. And the batteries we’re used to are made with outdated technology. Battery technology has barely advanced since Sony first introduced the lithium-ion in the 1990s.

Because of this outdated technology, drone flight time is limited to only about 25 minutes.

But SureCarbon uses a process called Enviranization to produce a renewable, plant-based material that is used to produce the SuperAnode 700. Enviranization takes waste wood from the lumber industry and turns it into a useable, carbon neutral and renewable plant-based form of activated carbon.

That activated carbon is what gives rise to the SuperAnode 700.

Unlike graphite, which is a mined and finite mineral, SuperAnode 700 is renewable and made from bountiful waste wood.

It stores twice as much electricity in half the time compared with current lithium-ion battery capacitors.

As a lightweight and high capacity alternative, SuperAnode 700’s potential for application is enormous.

A better battery means better technology like long-term storage of wind and solar energy.

Thanks to SuperAnode 700 and the work for SureCarbon, we could see cheaper, lighter and longer lasting batteries powering electric vehicles and the killer new tech of tomorrow.